1/8 inch (3mm) Multiple Colors Flat Braided Elastic Cords for Masks| Elastic Strings for masks| 5 Yards | SHIP FROM USA | Perfect for masks


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1/8" Flat Braided Elastic Color options: Blue, Pink, Sharp Blue, Dark Brown and Black

Length: 5 Yards

Width: 1/8Inch (3mm)

Content: Polyester /Rubber

Perfect For Mask, Waistbands, Scrunching and More Suitable For Stitching Directly To Any Fabric

This is the exact elastic strings we use to make masks in our store and it works perfectly.

For handmade masks, the amount of elastic needed varies depending on your design.

Face mask designs that use elastic loops behind the ear will use less than than designs that go behind the head.

Cut lengths are not exact - we typically give a few inches extra, just to be safe. The elastic cannot be directly ironed or it will melt.


**Due to sanitary/hygiene reasons, all sales are FINAL. We won't be able to do any returns. **