Child Mask for age 8-12 Cotton Mask-Filter Pocket Mask, Cloth fabric mask - Child mask-Teddy-BabyBunny


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This is made from 2 layers of breathable cotton fabric with filter pocket and soft stretching elastic strings which you could easily adjust.

For child mask, we want children have the most comfortable mask, so we have two types of elastic strings, they will be shipped randomly.

And they are both easily to adjust. We have 9 options on this listing:

1, Dumbo Elephant

2. Girls Gardens

3. Baby Pooh

4. Teddy Bear

5. Baby Bunny

6. Laundry Bear

7. Navy Piglet

8. Yellow Piglet

9. Sky Blue Piglet

Use for protection against dust, pollen, air pollution. NOT FOR MEDICAL You can hand wash the mask with soap or powder. (We suggest you wash it before use) You may insert a filter for use!! Ships 1-3 Business Day!

**Due to the hygiene reason, we wont be able to do any returns**