Facemask Cord/String adjusters| Silicon bead adjusters|Elastic with adjuster| 1/4” soft elastic with stoppers| Crochet Needle| Crochet Hook


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All of them are sell by 5 Pairs ( 10 pieces )

Elastic Silicon Adjuster ( 5 Pairs ) [Listing Name: Adjuster ((COLOR))]:

-Allow you to tighten your Elastic Strings on the Mask

-Stick the looped end of the elastic through the button then slide it up and down to tighten.

Elastic Strings with Adjuster ( 5 pairs ) [Listing Name: Cord ((COLOR))]:

-1/4” elastic band with adjustable buckle.

-High quality elastic band/cord.

-Approx 4 inches long

-How to use : Hand-sew on the mask

Crochet Hook ( 3 colors [Red, Green, Yellow] to chose from ) [Listing Name : ((Color))Crochet Hook]:

- 2 size of hooks in one crochet needle (Size 4/0 & Size 3/0)

- Easy to Use

- Perfect for crochet / inset Silicon Adjuster to the Masks' Elastic strings SHIP FROM CALIFORNIA