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Main functions of prehnite:

Prehnite is called the "stone of hope". It is a natural stone with healing and healing energy. It can enhance perseverance and confidence, bring new hope in life, guide us to choose the most suitable direction for ourselves, and bring the best opportunities and opportunities. Encounters can also enhance personal confidence and concentration, thereby helping career success.

Improve perseverance, bring hope and positive
When life is experiencing a low ebb and not going well, wearing prehnite in these situations can bring us positive thoughts, calm and heavy response to all things, and guide us to achieve our goals. It can respond to dissatisfaction with the status quo. People bring new opportunities.

Prehnite is regarded as the stone of wealth in European and American countries, and it is also a kind of crystal that has the effect of attracting wealth. It improves positive wealth (ie career luck). When we encounter bottlenecks in our careers, let us know how to use a positive and calm attitude to think, respond, and create New opportunities are more suitable for career-oriented girls. If you want to make a breakthrough in your career or feel pessimistic about the current situation, you may wish to wear a prehnite bracelet.

Relieve tension, strengthen cardiopulmonary function
The chakra corresponding to prehnite is the heart chakra. The gentle healing effect can heal the shadows of past traumas in the soul, and help our heart and lungs to promote blood circulation, calm the mind, eliminate stress, bring vitality and beautify the face. effect.


5 common questions of wearing prehnite:

Q1: Is the prehnite bracelet worn with the left hand or the right hand?

The effect of prehnite bracelet is mainly to improve perseverance, patience, and the effect of rectifying wealth. According to the theory of crystal frequency and left-in and right-out defined by crystal healing theory, prehnite is an absorbent natural stone. It is worn on the left hand and the effect will be easier Get played.

Q2: Who is suitable for wearing?

Prehnite can enhance the perseverance and confidence of the wearer, and inject a little positive energy into the daily life. It is suitable for people who live in a busy city, fast-paced, and under tension, fatigue, and stress.

Q3: The most suitable purification method for prehnite:

Purification suggestion can use these methods to purify prehnite, such as white crystal crushed stone, crystal cluster or crystal column purification, moonlight irradiating purification, so that prehnite will return to its original vibration frequency.

Q4: Can Prehnite attract wealth?

Yes, but many people don't know that prehnite has the effect of attracting money. It will be more helpful in the positive fortune of wealth, which is a fixed and stable income, such as salary.

Q5: Can I wear prehnite to sleep?

It is recommended not to wear it to sleep! People are in a subconscious state of activity when they sleep, and they feel more sensitive. Wearing it to sleep will affect sleep. In addition, the crystal can be degaussed at night to restore the energy frequency. Prehnite is better to wear during the day. Not only does it not affect sleep, but it also helps to sleep well. The gentle and calming energy helps the heart and lungs to promote blood circulation, so that we can relieve tension and stress, and make us sleep better.