Princess Little Twins Star Cotton Face Mask|Mask+Bag Set|Pouch|100% Cotton|Fabric imported from Japan|Filter Pocket Mask|3 Layers Mask|


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100 % Cotton Made in USA

3 Layers Filter Pocket Mask

Fabric From Japan

Reusable, Washable

One Size

[[Mask+Bag Set]] -- ((Limited))

There are 4 types of mask+bag set, as shown on listing pictures, they are :

"Blue Bag + Blue Mask [Listing name: BlueB+BlueM]"

"Blue Bag + Pink Mask [Listing name: BlueB+PinkM]"

"Pink Bag+ Pink Mask [Listing name: PinkB+PinkM]"

"Pink Bag+ Blue Mask [Listing name: PinkB+BlueM]"

This is made from 3 layers of breathable Cotton fabric with filter pocket and soft stretching elastic strings which you could easily adjust.

Use for protection against dust, pollen, air pollution. NOT FOR MEDICAL

You can hand wash the mask with soap or powder. (We suggest you wash it before use)

Ships 1-3 Business Day!

**Due to the hygiene reason, we wont be able to do any returns**

*Please note that the patterns might vary on every single masks, patterns might look different from the photos shown on listings if you have any enquiry ( like a particular character ) please pm or put in on note when you purchase, ( Sorry, we won't do an exchange/refund if the mask doesn't contain the character you want if you didn't request it before hand)*


You may insert a filter for use!!  **Due to the hygiene reason, we wont be able to do any returns**