Sweets Blue Hello Kitty KF 94 Cotton Mask| 3 Layers Mask | SEK Inner Layers )More protection) | Fabric From Japan| 100% Cotton | Washable


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Made in USA
100% Cotton (Top Layer)
Fabric Imported from Japan
Reusable, Washable
One Size


This is made from 3 layers of breathable Fabric and soft stretching elastic strings which you could easily adjust.


*SEK fabric provides Antibacterial finished products which ensuring to prevent the growth bacteria on fibers (It doesn't not heal any diseases).

Which is also mean it has a better function of preventing bacteria than other fabrics.

SEK Fabric imported from Japan*

Use for protection against dust, pollen, air pollution.

You can hand wash the mask with soap or powder.
(We suggest you wash it before use)

*Please note that the patterns might vary on every single masks, patterns might look different from the photos shown on listings, if you have any enquiry please pm or put in on note when you purchase you could put a note to me ask for which icon you prefer to have on you mask, and we'll do the best to make it for you. (Depends on how many fabric we got left, as it is imported from oversea, we don't have a large amount of fabric)*

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